Jewish Community Organisations

The Foundation has challenged national and provincial organisations to go through a process of self-examination to see if it could assist them to "do it better". This approach has led to the expansion and upgrading of services offered to the Jewish community as gaps in the framework appeared.

The bulk of the work is in the welfare and education sectors and the Foundation has undertaken the support of a range of ongoing in-service practical management training.

The Foundation has, inter-alia:
Jewish Community organisations (4)
Assisted groups of several welfare organisations to provide training for all their staff in basic health care and enhanced care for the elderly, physically and mentally challenged and the very young.
Jewish Community organisations
Provided bereavement counselling training, ranking with the best society has to offer.
Jewish Community organisations (8)
Provided training for teams of teachers and youth workers in identifying evidence of child abuse.
Jewish Community organisations (7)
Assists with training of academic staff for adult Jewish education. In particular provides training for instructors in Holocaust and Genocide education.


  • Thank you for affording me the opportunity to attend the Melton course on ethics for professionals.
    This course is very useful and interesting. It is especially important for professionals working in the Jewish community to be equipped with the tools needed to assist their clients with personal matters.  To know what the Jewish laws are with regard to ethics about death and dying, organ donations, and other matters related to some very difficult decisions that my clients have to make, it will certainly make my counsel with them more meaningful. The knowledge that I will be able to impart to my clients will assist in making their decisions well informed and it will give them the courage to determine from this what the most appropriate decision will be.
    I appreciate the course because it gives me the opportunity to know more about Judaism, a faith that I knew nothing about until nine years ago.
    Thank you for your generosity and for your continued support in this regard. I do appreciate it.
    Hajiera Safiedien-Maloon
  • Thank you so much for affording my colleagues and I the opportunity to attend the taste of Melton “ Ethics” module.  It has been an incredible experience for all of us, giving us insight into the correct way to deal with very sensitive issues that can be raised at any time.  As most of my colleagues are not Jewish, we will now be able to assist our clients  from the Jewish perspective ethically when dealing with issues around death or organ donation.
    Thanks for making it possible for all of us.
    Diana Sochen
  • We thank you for your generous contribution towards our next staff training course.  Your ongoing support and encouragement in this educational field is deeply appreciated.
    This time Business Development Systems will be focussing their Management Training on a targeted group of 10 staff members at Selwyn Segal.  I know you will agree that well-trained staff are a credit to any Organisation. Their effectiveness is proof that providing learning opportunities offer great rewards both to them and to those in their care.
    We are very grateful to the Trustees of the Chief Rabbi CK Harris Memorial Foundation and hope that in the merit of your many kindnesses, you and yours will be truly blessed.
    Tzivia Grauman
    Head of Group Communications, Chevrah Kadisha
  • I would like to thank you most sincerely for the opportunity to attend the BEYOND WORDS workshop by the Zhakeni Arts Therapy Foundation which provides training in arts based methods and techniques as a means to psychosocial support.
    This course was the most enriching that I have attended in the course of my professional development and has added a rich textured layer of personal growth.  The workshop was an intensive and experiential jam packed learning experience by a highly skilled facilitator that immediately equipped me with the skills to utilize with my clients both individually and in groups.
    I also look forward to sharing these skills with my colleagues at Jewish Community Services.

    Zia Adler
    Jewish Community Services
  • It is with much appreciation and loving kindness that we thank Ms Ann Harris and the Trustees of the CK Harris Memorial Foundation, for supporting us at Jewish Care Cape from 2012 till the current time.  The funding, guidance and motivation that we have received, has enabled us to up skill and develop the potential of staff at JCC.  This support facilitates our growth as people and as staff, promoting excellence of service for those we care for in our communities.
    Jewish Care Cape