Medical services for vulnerable children

The Foundation has created a valuable partnership with the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town.

The Foundation provides assistance to the medical staff of the oncology unit, enabling them to train medical personnel from hospitals in other centres. After working at the Red Cross for a few weeks, gaining invaluable experience, these specially trained staff are then equipped to run units in over half a dozen hospitals in the Southern and Eastern Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal, obviating the necessity of children spending long periods in Cape Town away from their families.

An added advantage is that the contacts made during the participants' training at Red Cross provide them with a database of colleagues always available for advice and support.


  • I am writing to thank the Foundation for your support of our recent paediatric haematology-oncology shared care update meeting, which was attended by over 40 colleagues from across the Eastern and Western Cape.  Your sponsorship was used to support the travel and accommodation of some participants, and certainly contributed towards the success of the meeting.
    May I take this opportunity to salute the Foundation for its ongoing support of our shared care projects. I've no doubt that these courses and training visits have a profound impact on the quality of care that children receive in our shared care centres.
    Alan Davidson
    Associate Professor & Head: Paedistric Haematology-Oncology
    Red Cross Childrens Hospital
  • Some people pass through the world and leave it as they find it.  But people like you take the time to do special things for others that make the world more beautiful.  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to update our knowledge.  It is greatly appreciated.
    Sr Sarika Maharaj, Sr Faith Msomi and Sr Kavitha Dookie
    Ward A1 Grey's Hospital