Practical Rabbinic Training

The Rabbinical Association of South Africa alerted the Foundation to the need for practising Rabbanim to enhance their practical skills. The Foundation has over the past four years been privileged to provide very successful seminars in which over 60 Rabbanim have participated.

Well-known Rabbanim "trainers" from Israel and the United States have joined with local senior Rabbanim to provide tuition in every aspect of practical Rabbinic endeavour, communication, preparation and content of a wide variety of addresses, behaviour and appearance in the pulpit, counselling and time management. An in-depth examination of the psychological problems confronting members of our communities and an understanding of the need for the mentoring of in-service Rabbanim.


  • At the 2016 Chief Rabbi Harris Rabbinical Conference we dedicated 3 sessions to practical techniques including how to teach Bible to congregations and training in appropriate interventions in personal relationships. These sessions were very enlightening and the Rabbis took away many useful ideas.
    Rabbi Ron Hendler
  • We are very grateful for your financial support for the annual Chief Rabbi Harris Rabbinical Conference that took place in Jerusalem this year.  The conference was extremely successful and was attended by nearly 50 Rabbis.
    The sessions dedicated to Rabbinic Training included how to teach Tanach to your congregants by Rabbi Yoel Bin-Nun; appropriate interventions for a Rabbi in marital problems in his community by Rabbi Moshe Berliner; and a presentation on the Rabbi as a manager, CEO and visionary by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits.
    These sessions were very enlightening and the participants took away some useful techniques and ideas about each of the above subjects.
    Rabbi R. Hendler
  • I am so thankful for your stepping in to provide some of the support the rabbis all seem to thirst for.
    David Lapin
  • One of the workshops was about how to work effectively with lay leaders in the community.  By coming together and having discussions with real tools, guidance and experience taking us through, we learnt how to come to a real partnership in building communities.
    Rabbi Sam Thurgood
  • The main thing that came to me from these courses was "professionalism". We all have our difficulties and challenges, and to go to the training and to see how an experienced rabbi deals with these challenges was something quite incredible for me and had enormous benefit to my rabbinate.
    Rabbi Matthew Liebenberg