Who we are

The Chief Rabbi CK Harris Memorial Foundation was created in 2007 to honour the legacy of the late
Chief Rabbi and to preserve and further his life's work.

After Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris' death in 2005, his family and friends thought that the best way to remember and honour him as well as to continue his work would be to create a foundation, the object of which would be to assist the training of personnel for organisations in whose objectives he had a particular interest. The CK Harris Memorial Foundation has now been in operation for 10 years.

For those with whom the late Chief Rabbi worked, those whom he assisted, those whose guidance he sought and those who suffered his criticisms or sought his spiritual guidance, his skills in every aspect of communal endeavour and his lively personality remain very much alive. This of course is largely due to his own merits.

The Foundation wanted to preserve his passion, love and enthusiasm for living Judaism and its timeless ethical and moral values and to pass on his outstanding professionalism. Everything that he did was carefully considered, researched and illustrated from the precepts of Jewish teachings. The Trustees set out to continue that path by helping to provide, enhance and enrich the skills of those who care for others. Since 2007, the Foundation has created working partnerships with a host of relevant organisations which fulfill the objectives of the Foundation, assisting them to improve and expand their invaluable work.


Board of Trustees

Ann Harris


Jonathan Glass


Mickey Glass


Rabbi Dr. Michael Harris


Kent Karro


Myra Osrin


Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft


Dr. Bertie Lubner

Trustee (obm, deceased 2016)

Herby Rosenberg